maanantai 18. tammikuuta 2010

New year, new posts.

So sorry about the gap since the last post. My New Year's promise here will be that I'll write a new post once a week.

Kaffa's new roastery and espresso bar is the best thing for Helsinki's coffee scene since La Torre, though you can't really compare them (at Kaffa every espresso is drinkable). The other great thing about it is that now Kaffa pays me for working them! No more ten-hour-days for "coffee-wage". Mostly I'll be doing some boring things Benjamin and Svante won't bother doing themselves (I would do the same if I owned a cafe), but sometimes I get to work in the bar also! So come and check the place next Saturday, have a nice shot of espresso and a chat with us!

Our normal job meeting at La Torre.

Being an entrepreneuer is 24/7 thing. Although this course is worth two school courses (of 75), that means about 80 hours of work, it's feeling like a full time job. The great thing about it is that it's fun. At 10.00pm, while working with some nice Excel-tables or writing marketing e-mails, I'm not frustrated at all. Or maybe a litlle, but significantly less than if I were finishing of my Swedish essays. So, maybe entrepreneurship (what a difficult word) is my thing. If you haven't checked our websites yet, do it now!

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