tiistai 3. marraskuuta 2009

Article in Nyt-liite

I work at La Torre once in a while on Saturdays.

An article written by me will be published in Nyt-liite (weekly edition of Finland's largest newspaper Helsingin Sanomat) this Friday on 6th of November.The article is about the coffee scene in Helsinki. I reviewed overall 14 cafés for my article and tested their espresso and cappuccino.

The result was quite miserable. Out of 14, only five cafés served at least somehow proper espresso. Most espressos were something between watery, bitter filtered coffee and motor oil. If I weren't a review I would have returned most of them and asked for my money back.

The cappuccinos were not very good either. Most common problems were following: too hot milk, once-used milk, underextracted coffee, large bubbles etc. Only a couple served proper cappuccino.

If you order Hesari, please check the article in Nyt. You can find the full reviews of all cafés here: Omakaupunki.hs.fi/erikoiskahvit

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  1. Thanks for a great article! You mentioned that Kaffecentralen serves decaf - that's good to know. Would you happen to have more suggestions on where to get good decaf coffee?

  2. I think there aren't many places that serve "no-fun", but you should ask Ulrika at Kaffecentralen. I think she might know.

  3. I think that one important place in Helsinki was missing from article.
    Gran Delicato is one of the best paces to get good coffee in Helsinki. Place is located in corner between Albertinkatu and Kalevankatu. Place was doing renovation work past few weeks, but not that should be open again.

    Otherwise article was great. =)


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