keskiviikko 11. marraskuuta 2009

At the roastery, once again.

Yesterday, after school, we went to the (Kaffa) Roastery with Niki (my business partner/coffee companion etc, and he's a guy, by the way) to help Benjamin. He would have had to do all roasting alone (Hope your enjoying your sun, Svante...) and would have stayed there until 5 am.

Being at the roatery is just amazing thing. We went there at 13 o'clock and whoops, its 9.30 pm. The time just goes by. How's that? Well, it is just so interresting to see coffee being roasted, drink and experiment new coffees, talk about it with coffee-people... I glad to able to work there, even for free. I fantasized about being paid for working there when Benjamin snapped: "Yeah, it is great." Maybe in the future...

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