torstai 17. syyskuuta 2009

Coffee Crusader

As corny as it might sound, I have a mission.

That mission is to improve the quality of coffee that we Finns drink. It is said that we drink the most coffee in the world, some 9-10kgs of coffee per year per inhabitant. That is quite a lot of coffee. Most of that coffee is lightly roasted, filtered coffee.

I'm not saying that filter coffee is a bad way to drink one's daily caffeine intake. No, I'm just trying to make people to understand that why drink bad coffee when you could
drink - instead of mass produced coffee thats "best before" -date is a year from roasting - good, freshly roasted coffee that has been picked, sorted, produced and roasted with love.

Yes, it maybe a bit more expensive and yes, it is easy to pick the familiar coffee package from the supermarket when you're doing your weekly shopping and not be bothered to find a proper coffee merchant. But the thing is, if we are to drink 4,5dl of coffee a day, why to drink the same old petrol every day? After tasting freshly roasted, properly brewed coffee for the first time, there was no way back to the old for me. Fresh coffee is same as fresh anything - one can really taste it.

For me, drinking coffee is kind of an expedition. I take the first sip, analyse the coffee, try to find new sensations and notes. After analysing - if there is any coffee left and if the coffee is good - I just drink it and think about it and enjoy it. Enjoying my cuppa makes me think and wonder that coffee - where is it from, what does the estate look like, the journey from bean into my cup. Even in the middle of busy day, a great shot of espresso can make my mind wonder away from my everyday life to a paradise-like coffee plantation. My mission is to produce such experiences to other people. For the start, being a barista and serving only exceptional coffee is best way to be a travel agent for coffee drinkers, I think.

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