perjantai 18. syyskuuta 2009

Juiciest coffee ever.

(Square Mile's stall at Whitstreet Market, London. This is from last summer's Interrail trip, that's why those clothes...)
I was quite lucky the other day. Surfing around the Internet, I checked the Square Mile Roastery's website in case something new stuff. Indeed there was. A new, one-off espresso blend called Juice drawed my attention. SQM's folks didn't yet know what it was going to be but something special deffinately. They promised that Juice was going to be - hence the name - juicy and high in acidity with some notes of apricots, citrus and orange. Just the kind of an espresso I love. Only 60 bags for sale and some world's best coffee used (60% Beloya from Ethiopia, 20%+20% two different Kenyan), it wasn't a hard decision.

I got to test it while I was over to Kaffa's roastery in Vantaa. First we tried it on French Press. As an espresso blend, Juice was quite dark roast so it wasn't ideal for cafetiere. Anyway, we got to taste some great notes, including - believe me or not - strawberry jam. Light-to-medium bodied and acid but sweet, not bad as French.

They had
two of these amazing, brand new Mazzer Robur on-demand grinders. I fell in love immediately. I could share a bed with one of those... (don't worry Erika, just kidding). Anyway, I got to try my barista skills (I'm just a beginner) using their three-group LaMarzocco Linea. As I'm just a novice, quite a lot of Juice was wasted while configuring the grinder. At last I got it right (although I think Juice ins't the hardest espresso I've used) and managed to pull a few good or even great shots, maybe the best ones I ever have.

The taste was just amazing. So sweet, acid on a good way but also quite complex. First sensation made the think that is this warmed orange juice or espresso. When the oranges had vanished came a mellow, sweet and very pleasant after taste. I couldn't help smiling. I could have cried. It was actually so good. Kaffa's guys, Benjamin and Svante, were not so excited about Juice...

This morning it tried it on Aeropress. I've got it for a couple of weeks now. I still haven't found my style of using it and haven't yet succeeded in brewing as smooth cuppa as Kiril at Johan & Nystörm where I had my first Aeropress-cup. However, my aeropressed Juice was amazing. Just like the French we made at Kaffa but smoother and better. Nearly mixed it with my orange juice =b.

As you might notice, I am more or less excited about this particular espresso. I want to thank James and Anette at Square Mile for roasting this treat. Thank you. ( Please make similar, ASAP... =b )

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