tiistai 22. syyskuuta 2009

Sleeping Problems

I wonder, how many people have sleeping troubles because of thinking, not drinking, coffee. Actually, when I go to bed all there's on my mind is coffee. Coffee that, espresso this, roasting, smell of coffee etc. Maybe not the best way to get some sleep, thinking about coffee. Even thinking about coffee works as a stimulant for me. I actually find it difficult to fall asleep if I've been involved to coffee that day (there aren't many days when I am not...). Even now I should go and hit the sack but here I am, writing a post about coffee, trying to clear my mind.

James Hoffman's blog Jimseven is a great read. He has a bit more technical approach to espresso and coffee overall. His videocasts, such as this one about crema, are great. That particular one gave me something to think, again. Something to drink while sipping my next espresso tomorrow.

Talking about learning, I've been reading David Schomer's Espresso Coffee - Professional Techniques. Even though I only read the first 50 or so pages I've learned heaps. I hadn'd understood that brewing temperature of water affects the espresso so much. Reading these things make me understand that I know nothing about coffee yet. And as Ulrika told me when I first went to her barista course: "You are a learner, I'm a bit more experienced one." She made me undestand, luckily in the beginning of my barista career that it takes time to learn things. In my eagerness I had thought: "Well yeah, it can't be that hard to make a good shot". Now, the old and used phrase: more you learn, less you know. Hopefully, in 20 years, I know a bit more.

This is the best photo of David Schomer I found. Nice moustache man.

Juice is nearly used! What a pity I didn't order two bags... Ulrika said me today that I'm bit of an exception bacause I like such coffee. Apparently not many people like those juice and fruity coffees I love. I'll try to recall the taste of the wonderful Juice espresso, maybe that'll help me to zone out...

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  1. I'm little sad, because you still haven't given me any drop of Juice :( You know it would be waste, but you know, I deserve the best ;) Like I give you some rare recordings, I am expecting you to make me a nice cup x) I feel like a bitch now, but more I learn about coffee, more I know you.

    Muuten: tää teksti jotenki tökki :o Liikaa pilkkuja tai jotaki... :/


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